Title First Name Surname  
Dr. Ahmed Anwar School of Economics
Ms. Claire Bannister Social and Political Science
Mr. Stuart Bennett Bennett Edinburgh College of Art
Ms. Lisa Brannan Acting Head of UGAO
Dr. Adam Budd History, Classics, and Archaeology
Dr. Liz Campbell School of Law
Prof. Richard Coyne Dean of PGR Studies
Dr. Jeremy Crang Convener and RASC Associate Dean
Dr. Chris Cummins Philosophy, Psychology & Language Sciences
Mrs. Deepthi de Silva-Williams Marketing Manager
Mrs. Claire Forsman Head of UG Recruitment
Ms. Kathleen Hood Deputy Director of SRA and Head of Widening Participation
Mrs. Lynn Hyams Secretary, Deputy Head Academic Administration
Mrs. Jane Johnston Head of PG Recruitment
Mr. Rupert Lezemore Head of Visiting Student Office
Mr. John Lowrey Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Mrs. Clare Mackay Head of PG Recruitment
Dr. Gale MacLeod Dean of PGT Studies
Ms. Isabell Majewsky International Office
Dr. Neill Martin School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures
Dr. Theresa McKinven Head of Postgraduate Office
Dr. Peter Moles Business School
Mr. Cameron Murdoch Undergraduate Admissions Office
Ms. Ann Rae School of Education
Dr. Lydia Schumacher Divinity
Dr. Rosie Stenhouse Health in Social Science
Mr. Ian Sutherland Head of Admissions
Ms. Theresa Valtin CHSS Marketing Officer
Mr. Robbie Willis International Office
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